Thursday, 17 January 2013

Man Down

This is something I wrote to my mother in regards to an event that occurred recently at a Ford plant. one of her friends mentioned to her that she knew of people working in this plant,and they had delayed to her information that a worker had collapsed on the assembly line.

Naturally, this man's coworkers rushed to his aid - who wouldn't, after all?

This was a problem for the management, apparently. The workers were instructed to go nowhere near the man. Now, when situations like this arise, it is important to act quickly. Had one of the workers been trained in CPR and first aid, they may have been able to help; however, they never would have gotten the chance. The management demanded that the workers leave their fallen friend and continue work.

This delayed the process until such a time that management could call an ambulance. Unfortunately, by then it was too late. The man died - whether in-transit to the hospital or at the hospital itself, I don't know. And, really, it doesn't matter where it happened; the important thing is simply that it happened.

This was appalling to my mother, her friend and myself alike. The fact that something like this could happen and workers who are trying to help - and indeed, ascertain the extent and severity to which their coworker is incapacitated - would be shunned away by management, delaying treatment and notification of emergency services, is despicable.

My mother wanted me to do a story on this and write up an article. I told her I didn't want to write something that I hadn't investigated 100%, because I would not be able to accurately account all events that transpired. Even if I could, a huge burden of proof would rest upon my shoulders - a burden that I was unwilling to take on.

For your reading, I now post my response to my mother -one which I drafted but never sent, and just rediscovered on my tablet.


That's exactly the point. Corporations see people as cash crops, not as human beings. They have outgrown government exponentially, and have since bought government through both bribery as well as intimidation. They are the only employment that is available in the private sector, without having capital to begin any sort of business venture. Hell, even if you had the capital for a startup you would almost immediately be put out of business because of strict regulations and astronomical operating costs to be able to even attempt to remain competitive. 

Then, after sinking all available capital (plus the loans most people take out from racketeering banksters for additional available liquid money to keep the business afloat) the business fails, forcing the failed (and subsequently broke) owners to seek employment from the very same corporations that drive them out of business.  

We have been forced, as a society, into two kinds of slavery:

Debt slavery through the governments racking up massive public sector debt by borrowing money from the private sector banks and giving handouts to monopolistic private corporations at the expense of the taxpayer. This is the more obvious kind, as it is getting worse as the economies spiral ever downward towards hyperinflation - one (but not the only) reason being negative real interest rates on investments and even simply holding currency, meaning that after inflation we are actually losing money on holding savings and money-market investments. This, in turn, causes prices to go up as bottom lines begin to be affected. This increases the rate of inflation, and the pattern repeats itself until we reach hyperinflation and subsequent systemic collapse.

The less obvious kind of slavery is our subservience in all aspects of life to the will of the corporations that care nothing about human life but rather their bottom line - to be as profitable as possible, and to beat out their competitors - collateral damage in the form of human suffering be damned. To be employed in this day and age by anyone other than yourself is to be slyly enslaved by your employer, regardless of what they give you in terms of compenstation. Nevermind the fact that, with the aforementioned negative interest rates, we are actually working for virtually nothing as our money is almost valueless and continually losing value. In order to continue to receive

If you aren't subservient to those corporations and willing to promote those interests over those of your fellow man then you find yourself quickly and hopelessly unemployed - and without any form of sustenance.

Then, consequently and consecutively, you also find yourself without any means of supporting yourself - ie. money - and are then destined to a life of poverty while those corporations and governments continue to perpetrate these crimes upon the rest of the populace.

Especially now, in this age of massive and rising unemployment, devaluing currency (even owning savings means you are losing money for the benefit of those at the top of the pyramid due to a fatal combination of inflation and deflating currency value, hence a drop in buying power), this begins to affect more and more people every day. This is why I continually speak to the fact that we have regressed socially to a society of feudalism and serfdom, rather than living in the supposed democracy that we think we have.

This is also why I see our society approaching - or even already in the process of - widespread systemic collapse. We are too far gone at this point and have remained docile for too long while they have stripped us of more and more basic human rights and dignities.

We also will reach a breaking point, as has happened throughout history when people are oppressed to this degree. Through this we will achieve social and personal evolution in coming to an understanding of how we got where we arrived, and not wanting to experience the horrors and hardships over again. Or, at least, that is the hope.

Here's hoping that we have learned from the bloody revolutions of the past that brought us temporary relief from overt oppression. Here's hoping that people have realized that violence breeds nothing more than further violence down the road. Here's hoping that peaceful revolution can be seen as the answer to our troubles; that people can control their [justified] anger and let cooler and more peaceful heads prevail.

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