Thursday, 25 October 2012

Daily Reading Material Compilation 8.0

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Daily Reading Material Compilation 7.0

Hello again to all my friends, I'm glad you came to read.
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Then take a peek,
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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Daily Reading Material Compilation 6.0

Let's start off the day with some US Treasury Bill news! The past few days have seen bond auctions taking place on 3-year, 10-year and 30-year US Treasuries. Three-year and 10-year bonds saw a strong showing, with $32 billion sold for three-year bonds and $21 billion for 10-year bonds

U.S. Treasury Prices Jump After Strong 10-Year Note Sale

Investors took 1.70% yield on the 10-year bonds. This is seen as a good thing? The investors willingly took a pathetic yield - although I suppose that comparatively, it's higher than the past few years have allowed for. Still, terrible yields and risk of losing money if interest rates rise (admittedly not very likely) - plus more people are flocking to bonds and out of equity markets due to hugely increased volatility.

Then there's the whole US debt crisis thing...

Friday, 12 October 2012

Inversion of the First and Third Worlds

We, across the globe, are currently witnessing an inversion of the first and third worlds - or perhaps an integration of the two to a more even economic playing field.

This may sound outlandish, or, indeed, even impossible based on what we have been taught in first-world schools for decades, but reality tends to be stranger than fiction. One need only look at the deteriorating situations in Europe and the North America for an allusion to the disastrous times that are upon us - and the resulting repayment of the Karmic debt we have accrued in our lack of compassion and caring for the formerly less-fortunate nations across the globe.

European economies are falling like a house of cards (or dominos, if you prefer that particular simile) - exactly what can be expected from Ponzi schemes like that of the Euro. France, Germany and the UK (not part of the Eurozone, but in a tumultuous category all its own with its double-dip recession and edging towards a triple-dip in the coming months) are heading quickly into the toilet, which is in the final stages of being completely flushed of the waste that was deposited by the PIIGS countries and their co-opted and technocratic governments - and, of course, their Troika overlords.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Daily Reading Material Compilation 5.0

I've been extremely busy over the last few days and haven't had time to read as much as I usually do - but on the bright side I'm learning lots and progressing towards an exciting path and a new journey in my life!

In short, here are the articles I've been reading over the past few days:

4 Extremely Simple Ways to Destress Quickly - Just thought I would begin with an article on how to destress. These suggestions may seem pretty straightforward, but we can easily forget how to do these 4 things when we face overwhelming stress in our lives. Sometimes we need a reminder to just breathe, and to do things for ourselves to help us relax in the face of stressful times. Be sure to also check out the article they recommend at the end of this one, found here.

The Rothschild-Johnson Matthey Connection - Johnson & Matthey silver bars are being purchased by silver-stackers around the globe (including yours truly, although I've only got about 10oz. of JM silver as I  intuitively felt something was fishy with this particular purveyor) who are fighting back against the cartels that run the precious metals markets. But, in trying to fight against the corruption and illegality of market manipulation, are they playing (and putting money) into the hands of the very people they're fighting against?

Monday, 8 October 2012

Daily Reading Material Compilation 4.0

First, I'd like to give credit where credit is due. Without Max Keiser & Stacey Herbert, Tyler Durden, and Mark Obyrne I wouldn't be able to put these posts together. There are other sources I have, as well, but these three are where the bulk of the articles I actually decide to post come from. They do a fantastic job of compiling articles from around the web to share with their fans and I feel it my responsibility to share it with you, in turn.

Also, for those who are wondering - yes, I read pretty fast. Luckily - otherwise I'd spend all my free time reading this and have none left over for my lovely family.

Here's version 4.0:

A Jobs Report Conspiracy? - US jobs report claims 873,000 Americans found employment, dropping the unemployment rate from 8.1 to 7.8% according to the household survey data - in spite of the fact that the employers data only showed that 114,000 jobs were added in September. A discrepancy of about 759,000... Skeptical is a bit of an understatement for what I am on this data...

Another Phony Employment Report - Another article on the falsified and manipulated jobs report data

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Venezuelan Sovereignty Lives To See Another Day

Incumbent President, Hugo Chavez, has won Venezuela’s tightly-contested presidential elections, clinching a fourth term with 54 per cent of the vote, according to the National Electoral Council.

Polling stations were officially closed at 22:00 GMT (6 p.m. local time) on Sunday, but many stations remained open as the National Electoral Council (CNE) said the polling stations wouldn’t close until voters were no longer queuing to cast ballots.
The new leader will take office for a six-year term beginning February 2013.

There have been six candidates competing for the presidency in the current election. However since the very beginning, opinion polls suggested the race was between just two potential leaders.Incumbent President Hugo Chavez, representing the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, has proven prominent, but opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, representing the Coalition for Democratic Unity, has been biting at his heels throughout campaigning.Capriles is the first opposition candidate in Chavez’s 13 years in power. The current leader and his young pro-US rival have been neck-and-neck in opinion polls.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Daily Reading Material Compilation 3.0

Here's my third round of daily reading material. I will say that I often read more than simply these articles, but I highlight the best ones on the day that I've read and present them here for your reading pleasure - in addition to the obvious informativeness that accompanies this type of reading.

The Coming Energy Shortage Will Exacerbate PEAK GOLD & SILVER - "energy is money.  Gold and Silver are only a physical accounting of energy.  Without ample energy supplies, gold and silver cannot be mined commercially." Supplies of gas and oil are dropping, and peak gold and silver are coming sooner than later.

The Incredibly Ballooning Bailout Of Cyprus
- Cyprus is requesting €20 billion to bail our their banks and government, while the average citizen is the one who takes the hits. They are doing this in spite of the fact that the communist president of the country, Demetris Christofias, called what the banks have done 'a crime'. Doesn't we usually arrest criminals, not give them €12 billion to continue their criminal activity?

Venice Latest In Europe To Seek Independence

Venice joins Scotland and Cataluñia as the latest region in Europe to declare their desire for independence from the nation to which they belong - Italy, the UK and Spain, respectively. Thousands gathered at a rally in Venice to proclaim their support for Venetian independence.

The man in the video, politician and professor of economics at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Lodovico Pizzati claims that if they separated Venice "would be the second-richest country in Europe after Luxembourg".

Take a look at the video from RT News:

Friday, 5 October 2012

Living On The Edge

It would seem to me that when it comes to religion, politics, and other sensitive subjects people tend to get offended not necessarily because what you say is actually offensive, but rather because it makes them realize there is another side of the coin. Even to label something offensive is disingenuous as what offends one may resonate deep truth within another. Everything is about perspective, and when you are afraid to change your perspective this is most often where those sentiments of insult come from.

I will add a small caveat and say that there are, of course, things in this world that could be deemed egregiously offensive not out of a fear of differing views, but rather out of attacks on your humanity and spirit - on things you can't change. On who you are. Things meant to degrade, demean and disrespect, rather than to inspire thought. Diatribes, if you will.

However, aren't those, too, all relative? Even that is subject to the perspective of the individual.

I digress...

Being exposed to the other side of the coin can makes one see that there is another opinion that differs from theirs, and it can scare them. It scares them because it means they will have to delve deep inside of themselves, and maybe even mean that they have to go through a long and arduous process of questioning and restructuring current beliefs, or even develop and discover an entirely new system of beliefs. It can be mentally exhausting, and mental exhaustion takes its toll both short and long-term. Thus, it can be quite a daunting concept to question one's own beliefs - and this seems more true the longer those beliefs have been held by the individual.

When you cling to a belief system simply because you are afraid of exploring alternatives you do yourself a disservice. When you take offense to something so personally it is because somewhere deep inside what that person is saying rings true (see caveat) - otherwise, it would be a mere absurdity that you could laugh off or disregard without any negative physical or emotional effect.

But is it not best to face our fears head on? Is that not when the most progress in terms of personal, professional and spiritual growth are achieved? Are we so determined to label the world as one thing or another that we will disregard all logic-substantiated arguments to the contrary? (The key words, of course, being logic-substantiated). Is it not best to embody humility and admit when we may have been wrong?

I can honestly say that I have weighed both sides of the coin in my beliefs because I believe it's the only way to truly come to understand what belief system rings true deep inside you. I am not afraid if, at some point, I reassess and determine that I was wrong. I can also say that throughout my life I will continue to look at the heads and tails of things in order to maintain a third perspective beyond those two options - objectivity. The edge of the coin, if you will.

I suppose, to conclude rather simply, that I can surmise that I like to live on the edge. Comme ça, je suis à l'aise. Et vous?

Genocidal Monsanto Wins Again - EFSA Rejects French Study On Monstanto's NK603 Corn With No Explanation

I'm incredulous. Not only did the EFSA today outright reject the findings of the 2-year French study that was recently released on NK603 GMO corn from Monsanto(which is somewhat understandable, as the data is incomplete - which doesn't detract from the validity of the findings in this author's opinion, and at the very least demonstrates that it should beget further extensive testing, study and analysis) and its effects on rats over a 2-year lifespan, but they also failed to provide a satisfactory explanation as to why they rejected it beyond "we don't think it's good science".

It also bears mentioning that Russia used the study as a partial justification to completely ban NK603 corn in the country. Hungary culled all of the GMO corn being grown in the country and has a ban on GMO foods, as well - although that wasn't directly related to this study. So, too, have Germany, Greece, Austria, Luxembourg and the UK banned GMO foods out of concern over the safety of the products.

Thankfully, the French study on the safety of GMO corn has indeed sparked much further interest in studying the effects of GMO products - including a Russian study that will broadcast their study live 24/7 for purposes of complete transparency.

The lead scientist conducting the research, Gilles-Eric Seralini, had this to say:

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Daily Reading Material Compilation 2.0

Here are some of the things I've read for the day. I'll start doing these kinds of posts on a daily basis (or at least the days I log on to post) so people can check out articles that I've read.

This way, I can invest my time into putting focus on bigger articles about issues I find more important. Time is an elusive thing these days as they seem to be going by faster and faster.

In any case, enjoy!

Whole Foods Censors GMO Expose? - GMO products are being sold in Whole Foods stores, who had purported to sell only organic produce in their stores

Rob Kirby: The Genesis of the LIBOR Crisis - Amazing breakdown of how the Fed/Treasury colluded with JPMorgan in 2007 to attempt to restart the stalled financial markets after the sub-prime mortgage crisis - which ended up having the effect of dropping short-term T-Bill rates a staggering 200 basis points from 5% to 3%. This, in turn, helped to catalyze (or perhaps stoke further) LIBOR manipulation.

Exclusive: Banks Fire Warning Over Fines - bankers threatening to collapse the economy - again?

'Mugabenomics' From Zimbabwe To The UK - "Gold Is Good" - "US economy is in a recession and may be on the verge of a Depression." What will come out safe? PMs!

From Currency Debasement To Social Collapse: 4 Case Studies - This article blew my mind. Periods throughout history when currency debasement has caused debasement of society and deterioration of trust amongst everyone - Third Century Rome (Christians Persecuted), Medieval Europe (Witches Persecuted), The French Revolution (nobles and counter-revolutionaries persecuted, 1920s Germany (Jews ultimately persecuted) - all preceded by hyperinflationary periods and currency debasement.

Signs of the Gold Standard Emerging In China? - Forbes article. Good read.

Signs of the Gold Standard Are Emerging From Germany - See a pattern?

There were more, but I'll save it for another day.

To close, I'll leave you with a video of a 2010 ad from Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW)
to mull over.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

Obscure Websites Claim FBI Issued Jamie Dimon Arrest Warrant - I Remain Unconvinced

This and a few other obscure websites have made claims that there has been an arrest warrant issued for Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Oh, and one from 2010 having to do with an illegal tire dump - and that warrant was subsequently dropped after the matter was settled.

I must say, the sources on this are rather suspect. Further fact-checking by yours truly didn't yield many similar results - with the exception of the aforementioned obscure websites posting copies of the same information.

Fortunately it will be easy to know within a few weeks if this is true or not. After all, J-Dime (I'll coin that one here and now) is hardly difficult to find - as Occupy Wall St. protesters last year proved, surrounding his house during one of their protests.

We'll see if anything comes of this. I'm guessing it won't, but I've been wrong before. You can never really trust unknown freelance/independent journos who claim their "sources" told them something - especially with no proven track record to bolster their reputability.

Yet again, time's sage wisdom will reveal the truth. We need only wait for its passing. Until then, I remain skeptical, to say the least.

Rabbi/Christian-Sponsored Pro-Muslim Ads To Appear In NYC

‘Choose love’: Pro-Muslim ads to appear in NYC subways 

In a follow-up to a post I made previously, Anti-Islamic Propaganda - Nazi Germany ain't got nothin' on US in regards to the malevolent ads posted in New York Subways, there are some very positive pro-muslim, pro-love, anti-hate ads set to go up in response.

RT news reports that the group called Rabbis for Human Rights - North America and Sojourners Christian group are responsible for the new ads in a joint effort to combat the hate spread by the pro-Israel, anti-Muslim ads that went up in New York City a few weeks ago.


They are to appear beside the anti-Muslim ads in subways and bus stations that housed the hate-speak ads, which were sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and their executive director, Pamela Geller. The RHR-NA and Sojourners have called upon the people of New York to publicly condemn the ads and Geller.
"“These disturbing and misguided ads are not meant to educate; they are meant to increase hatred and discrimination against New York City’s Muslims, and to drive a wedge between Muslims and Jews. The subway ads demonize Islam and ignore the positive contributions that our Muslim friends, neighbors and colleagues make to our country every day,” says a petition on its website."

GoldCore Blog Update - China To Challenge US Dollar Reserve Currency Status

Today’s AM fix was USD 1,786.50, EUR 1,380.92, and GBP 1,109.01 per ounce.

Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,777.25, EUR 1,374.73and GBP 1,102.38 per ounce.

Silver is trading at $35.08/oz, €27.13/oz and £21.84/oz. Platinum is trading at $1,707.00/oz, palladium at $664.50/oz and rhodium at $1,180/oz.

Gold edged up $3.40 or 0.19% in New York yesterday which saw gold close at $1,778.50. Silver initially climbed to $34.848 then it fell off in afternoon trading and finished with a loss of 0.06%.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

California's "Recovery" Takes A Dramatic Turn For The Worse

I have to share this article from Wolf Richter of the Testosterone Pit.

When I read it, I literally "wow"ed 3 times at the dismal numbers in the following paragraphs:

The trend has been going on for several years, as investments by VCs have outpaced their ability to raise funds. At some point, these funds will be drawn down, and investments in startups will wither. We’ve been through this before. And it might be at the cusp of happening again. It will take the sheen off the Bay Area. Meanwhile, manufacturing in Southern California, where this exotic activity is still practiced, is leading the way.

California has its own manufacturing PMI, the Inland Empire Report on Business, sponsored by San Bernardino and Riverside Counties in Southern California, commonly called the Inland Manufacturing Index. After the recent high of 60.8 in March—above 50 indicating growth—it zigzagged down to 52 in August, and then in September, it crashed to 43.4—the lowest level since September 2009.

All five key components were weak. And three fell off a cliff: Production tumbled from 55 in August to 37.5 in September; New Orders—a harbinger of pain to come—fell from 52 to 37, and Exports fell from 51.1 to 35.7. “Disturbing,” the report called it.

So, with orders, production, and exports going south, the employment index sank to 44.6, indicating declining employment in manufacturing for the first time since December 2011. But thanks to the serial and now infinite QE, the Bernanke effect has kicked in: one component actually rose to 64.1, namely commodity prices. These higher input costs are adding to the pressures that businesses face.

Can Romney Capitalize On The Chaotic State of Europe?

I am absolutely in love with this particular blog. The insight and depth of his monologuist articles/opinion pieces are absolutely inspiring, and right in keeping with my own particular world views. It's like he's expressing what I'm thinking before I even realize I'm thinking it...


"If I should venture a guess, I'd lean towards the idea that Romney and all his über-rich "friends" (he doesn't strike me as a man with an overdose of real friends) are stuck inside their own paradox. To make him win, they need to cause or hasten an economic disaster. But that would cost them a lot of money, far more then they spend on the campaign. Big gamble. One which by now, 30-odd days before the election, they are undoubtedly aware of. And that can only mean that anything can happen. Only chaos is certain. Unless Mitt's been a set-up patsy boy from the get-go. Hey, at least that would explain Romney's non-campaign so far." 

Check out the full article here.

More Silver Hype - Morgan Stanley Likes Silver in Q4 and 2013

Latest update from GoldCore Blog's Mark OByrne
Silver has now joined gold in experiencing a “golden cross” which likely portends much higher prices in the coming months (see chart above). 

A golden cross is when the 50 day moving average rises above the 200 day moving average in an upward movement. The golden cross suggests that silver prices are going higher as golden crosses normally lead to higher prices.

In the past quarter, silver surged 25% in a move that has been largely attributed to the Federal Reserve's announcement of so-called QE3.

“QE to eternity” is obviously an important factor but the supply demand fundamentals of the physical silver market remain very favourable and this should see silver rise above the recent record nominal high of $48.44/oz either in Q4 2012 or in 2013.
Read the full update here.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Ex-Credit Suisse CDO Boss Says He Will Fight For Deal

A former Credit Suisse CDO boss was arrested in the UK - but maintains that it was unnecessary, as he was already cooperating with prosecutors in the US.

I'm interested to see exactly what that cooperation entails...

Kareem Serageldin, the ex-global head of Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN)’s CDO business charged in a bonus-boosting fraud tied to a $5.35 billion trading book, plans to fight extradition to the U.S. until he reaches a plea deal. 

Serageldin’s lawyer told a London court yesterday that his client’s arrest this week outside the U.S. Embassy was a result of “miscommunication.” Ben Brandon said Serageldin was negotiating a plea bargain with U.S. prosecutors before the arrest. He was released on a 150,000-pound security ($243,000) until a Nov. 28 court hearing.

Casey Research Adds Further Reason To Buy Silver

Go long!

As you may know, silver is used in photovoltaic (PV) technology to generate solar power. A typical solar panel uses a fair amount of the metal – roughly two-thirds of an ounce (20 grams). To put that in perspective, a cellphone contains around 200 to 300 milligrams (a milligram weighs about as much as a grain of sand). A laptop contains 750 milligrams to 1.25 grams.

Photovoltaic technology is relatively young, but each year its use is growing rapidly. Just since 2000, the amount of silver consumed by solar-panel makers has risen an average of 50% per year. Demand grew from one million ounces in 2002 to 60 million ounces in 2011. Last year demand from the PV industry represented almost 11% of total industrial demand for the metal (excluding jewelry). According to statistics from CPM Group, demand grew by 11.2 million ounces, the strongest volume growth of all major sources (jewelry and electronics). And this was before the Japanese announcement was made.

 Read the article in its entirety here.

JP Morgan Sued Over Bear Sterns Securities Fraud

JP Morgan is being sued yet again - this time for the MBS fraud committed by Bear Stearns, the imploded bank that JPM acquired in 2008 for $2.8 billion.

While somewhat encouraging as it keeps the Morgue in the headlines in a negative light, it simultaneously exasperates me, as all that will happen is a fine from regulators and a potential settlement for investors. There will be no criminal charges filed.

More slaps on the wrist for the top Wall St. offenders.

1) Working Group on MBS Fraud Brings First Complaint Against a Big Bank, JPMorgan
2) New York attorney general sues JPMorgan over Bear Stearns securities
3) Memo to Jamie Dimon: You Still Think Bear Stearns is Not Material??

Iceland's Ousting of the Bankers Has Their Economy Booming 3 Years Later

I've mentioned Iceland and their strategy that they implemented between 2006 and 2008 when their economy collapsed to many people over the past few months, and when I talk about this the response is unanimous: nobody has any clue what I'm talking about. This is due to a massive media blackout on anything having to do with Iceland and what they did to solve their economic crisis - to come out ahead of the rest of the world in the end, with their economy growing quickly and steadily, and with it being stupendously better than both the economies of the United States and all of the Eurozone.

4 years ago Iceland was considering joining the Eurozone and adopting the Euro. Now, they're thanking their lucky stars that they didn't step in that bear-trap, and decided that the sovereignty of their people was more important than the interests of the criminal bankers who collapsed the economy in the first place.

Bully Banks Bilk Both Small And Mid-Sized Businesses - IRSA Scheme And The Recourse of Beleagured Business Owners

Today, I wanted to draw attention to an important organization that was formed in the face of mis-representation of both the value and costs (initial and added) of Interest Rate Swap Agreements (IRSA's) by banks in the UK. The organization is called Bully-Banks, and they are fighting back against the banking cartels that bilked the member business owners out exorbitant amounts of money through fraudulent mis-selling of IRSAs.

The website is, and they have a wealth of information and insight into the situation at hand posted throughout various pages on their website.

While this particular organization is based in the UK, it also has implications for clients of the major banks in the United States and elsewhere around the world, as these practices are common-place in today's finance sector.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Mining Strikes Drop Gold Production, Stunting Supply While Demand Increases

September 27, 2012 GoldCore update from Mark OByrne:

In South Africa, gold mine strikes ceased nearly 39% of production, at AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. (ANG) and Gold Fields Ltd. (GFI), as labour walkouts spread across the country amid demands for above-inflation pay increases.

Today, AngloGold, the world’s 3rd largest gold producer, said all of its South African mines have been stopped. Gold Fields lost nearly 32,000 ounces, or metric ton, of output because of strikes at its KDC and Beatrix sites. The Kopanang mine was shut down after a strike last week that began with 5,000 workers, and AngloGold decided to halt all South African operations as most of its 35,000 employees have joined the industrial action.

In addition to the mining strike there is also a transport strike.  More than 20,000 freight transport workers are also on strike, demanding a wage increase of 12%, reports the South African Press Association.  Unions rejected an offer of a staggered increase of 8.5% next March followed by an additional 0.5% in September, SAPA said.

The Lonmin Plc’s Marikana platinum mine northwest of Johannesburg endured a six-week strike that took 46 lives and concluded last week with miners receiving pay increases of almost 22%, which is four times the country’s August inflation rate.

Read the rest of the article here, or alternatively here.

Daily Reading Material Compilation 1.0

Here's a compilation of a bunch of articles that I've read over the last few days. This isn't everything I've read - but I've commented/written blog posts on most of the other things I've read already, and the rest seems somewhat unimportant for me to share.

Enjoy the links!

US Bank Run Imminent?

Is there going to be a bank run in the US? There are many indicators point to a resounding "yes" - and that could be a lot sooner than most people think.

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) currently covers 100% of insured deposits in member-organization banks. The list of member organization banks can be found here. The FDIC was created by the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 (which had certain sections repealed under the Clinton administration, helping to contribute to the late 2000s financial crisis, as investment banks and commercial banks' funds were co-mingled and banks were over-leveraged, leading and contributing to the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns).

In order to be a member a bank must meet certain requirements for liquidity and reserve/capital. They are categorized in 5 distinct groups based on their risk-based capital ratio:

The Flawed Logic of Central Bank Defenders

I stumbled across this article really by chance, but it made some phenomenal points in regards to the three arguments that central bank supporters use to argue the value of a central bank, such as the Fed:

1) It helps to maintain price stability

2) It helps prevent deflation

3) It can accelerate economic growth

I could ramble on for hours as to why this logic is incredibly flawed, and indeed is part of the root of the problem with our current monetary and financial systems. Instead, however, I will let this article outline it for me, so I can move on in order to piece together more on the articles I'm working on.

North Korea Exporting Gold Reserves To China - Central Banks Around The Globe Continue To Increase Gold Holdings

Desperate North Korea has exported more than 2 tons to gold hungry China over the past year to earn US $100 million. Even in tough times during the Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il regimes, North Korea refused to let go of its precious gold reserves.

Chosun media reports that “a mysterious agency known as Room 39, which manages Kim Jong-un’s money, and the People’s Armed Forces are spearheading exports of gold, said an informed source in China. “They are selling not only gold that was produced since December last year, when Kim Jong-un came to power, but also gold from the country’s reserves and bought from its people.”

This is a sign of the desperation of the North Korean regime and also signals China’s intent to vastly increase the People’s Bank of China’s gold reserves.

Data on the International Monetary Fund’s website shows Kazakhstan’s assets rose 1.4 tons to 104.4 tons last month, Turkey’s gold reserves gained 6.6 tons to 295.5 tons, Ukraine’s rose 1.9 tons to 34.8 tons.

While the Czech Republic’s bullion assets fell 0.4 ton to 11.8 tons, data shows.
Nations bought 254.2 tons in the first half of 2012 and may add close to 500 tons for the year as a whole, the London-based World Gold Council said earlier this month.

Read more here.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Student Debt Load and Price of Silver Increase 500+% Since 2000

Student loans are an excellent example of how the modern lending system manifests ancient modes of control. In the United States, long before the modern student loan, for the promise of prosperity thousands of individuals came to the New World as indentured servants. Once they arrived in ‘America,’ ‘twas their job to work to pay off their sail across the pond, an endeavor which lasted years and a decision most young men did not make for themselves. Instead, their fathers worked out the terms and signed the legal papers, handing custodianship of son over to ship captain. Sound familiar?

In the last decade, as student loan debt  increased, so too did the price of silver.  Both trends are poised to continue over the medium term. (5 years+)

French Sovereignty Being Threatened Yet Again - Will The People Say "No" Again?

Here's a great article about the ratification of the Fiscal Union in French parliament. It is set to be ratified in less than a month (Oct. 2, 2012), yet there is intense opposition throughout the country to a treaty that would see the sovereignty of all signatories relinquished to an unelected bureaucratic authority - the European Central Bank and the European Commission, in this case.

One must also keep in mind that the French politicians - both sides, Sarkozites and Hollandeans alike - have openly spoken of their willingness to cede France's national sovereignty in favour of a more harmonious Eurozone. It would seem more like a captain going down with his ship than a move they really think will contribute to stabilization of the Euro and all its problems.

Let's ask Ireland how cedeing economic sovereignty (which is the same as cedeing national sovereignty, just painted with a slightly different brush) went. Let's ask Portugal, or Spain, or Greece, or Italy, for that matter. Things are going just swimmingly for them, aren't they? Well, at least for the bankers and politicians things are working out - even if they can't show their faces in the streets. And, after all... The decision makers make decisions based on what is best for themselves, not the lowly peasants who have been scapegoated for taking on more than they can handle - even though it was specifically engineered so that things would play out this way.

A History of Iranian Nuclear Weapon Accusations - 1979-Present

Here’s some context behind the claims that Iran will imminently possess a nuclear weapon.
It started a long time ago (but not, unfortunately, in a galaxy far, far away):
1984: Soon after West German engineers visit the unfinished Bushehr nuclear reactor, Jane’s Defence Weekly quotes West German intelligence sources saying that Iran’s production of a bomb “is entering its final stages.”US Senator Alan Cranston claims Iran is seven years away from making a weapon.
Seven years away? And did they have a bomb in 1991?
1992: Israeli parliamentarian Binyamin Netanyahu tells his colleagues that Iran is 3 to 5 years from being able to produce a nuclear weapon – and that the threat had to be “uprooted by an international front headed by the US.”
1992: Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres tells French TV that Iran was set to have nuclear warheads by 1999. “Iran is the greatest threat and greatest problem in the Middle East,” Peres warned, “because it seeks the nuclear option while holding a highly dangerous stance of extreme religious militancy.”
1992: Joseph Alpher, a former official of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, says “Iran has to be identified as Enemy No. 1.” Iran’s nascent nuclear program, he told The New York Times, “really gives Israel the jitters.”
So was there a bomb by the late 1990s?

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Zerohedge Articles Compilation 2.0

For your reading pleasure, I present to you the second batch of compiled ZeroHedge articles from yours truly:

Fitch Warns UK Likelihood It Loses AAA Rating Has Increased - UK may lose its AAA rating - with growth numbers revised by Fitch from 0.8% growth to a forecast of a 0.3% contraction.

Why A Soft-Landing Is Back For China - China needs private sector investment into things like infrastructure. Growth is slowed and may only be around 7-8.5% over the next few years. Very basic overview, check out the article!

Friday Humor: Don't Drink and Trade - Story about the drunk trader who traded 69% of the global oil market ($520 million worth of oil contracts) in one drunken night of trading, incurring losses of almost $10,000,000 to clients before the company realized the trades had not been authorized by clients.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

New Keiser Report Up - Keiser Report: Boom & Bust Vicious Cycle (E346)

We discuss punk rock ‘Tall Paul’ giving the two finger salute to Ben Bernanke’s QE3 and gold adjusting for zero growth, yield, velocity and confidence. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to the author of Paper Money Collapse, Detlev Schlichter of, about quantitative easing to infinity, Central Banking ‘devils’ and the future for the gold standard.

Original post on found here.

Max Keiser Speaks at Bitcoin 2012 - Phenomenal Overview of the Currency Wars

Max Keiser spoke last week at the Bitcoin 2012 conference in London and gave a fantastic overview of the current situation worldwide. He sums up beautifully the criminal acts that are being committed by Wall St. and exactly how they translate not into "victimless crimes", but rather what is shaping up to be a financial holocaust - with an estimated 100 million people thrown into poverty in the wake of the shady dealings of the financial sectors of the world.

Here's the full video of his speech at the conference:

The book he references in his lecture is called Currency Wars by Jim Rickards. I personally am halfway through and it is an engaging, riveting and enlightening book that helps give insight into commerce and the economy in the 21st century, as well as the reason for the tense geopolitical climate in which we live.

We're in the middle of a currency war between the major players in the currency markets, and as we see the war tactics accelerate in their implementations it is no coincidence that we also begin to see growing disparity between rich and poor (with no distinguishable "in-between" to be seen), and growing social unrest and political tensions between major players on the World Stage.

Max is the host of a program on RT News called The Keiser Report, as well as having a weekly radio show called The Truth About Markets. In Additon, he also hosts a program called On The Edge with Iran's PressTV. He has also made documentaries in regards to the financial crimes that are being committed by major banks across the globe, and started a crowd-funding website for independent filmmakers called - a website that solely uses BitCoins as its medium of donation.

If you want to hear more I suggest visiting It is a wealth of information on investment, the state of the markets as they are today, and on exposing financial and political corruption and tyranny, among many other valiant and freedom-promoting purposes. I highly recommend giving his website a few minutes of your time - it's worth it.

Here's the original link that I sourced this from:

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Germany Potentially Eyeing A Gold Standard?

Deutsche Bank’s report is “Gold: Adjusting for Zero.” It reckons we’re in a situation that is “Zero for growth, yield, velocity and confidence.” It says: “We believe there are nearly zero real options available to global policy-makers. The world needs growth and is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get it.” It forecasts bluntly that the value of the dollar will plummet in the first half of 2013 to less than a 2,000th of an ounce of gold. It reckons “the growth in supply of fiat currencies such as the USD will remain an important driver.”

That’s just for openers. The report then goes on to assert that gold is misunderstood and doesn’t really belong in the basket of “commodities” used by so many economists. Gold is money, according to the Deutsche Bank. Says it: “We would go further however, and argue that gold could be characterised as ‘good’ money as opposed to ‘bad’ money which would be represented by many of today’s fiat currencies.” It refers to Gresham’s Law and suggests “the undervalued money (good) will leave the country or disappear from circulation into hoards, while the overvalued money (bad) will flood into circulation.”

Read more here.

September 2012 Gold Summary - How Does Gold Stack Up Against the Paper Markets?

As outlined in my previous entry, September and November months are traditionally up-trend months for the price of gold. It looks as though that trend is set to continue, with October being a month of consolidation prior to a massive upswing in gold's value.

Obviously the spot prices of various metals have shifted since that date - all upwards, I might add, really reinforcing the historic trend that September is a month that sees the largest gains in gold.

I post this mainly to point out that gold is now dropping in terms of its spot price, consolidating in order to make a huge break upwards come November. While there are never any guarantees in the investment world, this one would appear to be something of a no-brainer.

As we head into October, the price of gold is currently dropping - falling 1.1% this week so far from $1774.45 to 1756.31, where it currently rests as of this post. It would appear as though the seasonal trends discussed in my previous post are going to continue. 

Overall gold is up 6.2% so far in September, starting the month at it's August 31st closing price of $1,648.50 and rising (again) to $1756.31 where the spot price currently sits.

Monthly Trends in Gold - September and November Best Months To Own Gold

This is an old post from GoldCore dated September 4, 2012. I decided to share it because it gives a fantastic breakdown of the seasonal and monthly behavior of the price of gold. It has some fantastic, straight-forward and illumniating graphs and charts backing up its claims.

The original entry can be viewed here

US Representative Skips Out On Diplomacy At UN Meetings in NYC

Ahmadinejad talks peace & justice as US boycotts address
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for world leaders to serve their people, not rule over them during his speech before the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

In a surprise turn, Ahmadinejad’s speech took on an almost poetic bent evoking “the spring of humanity and the greenery of all ages.”

During his address, the word “peace” was used 12 times, “justice” 15 and “love” 13.
The US didn't even bother to attend the address... I wonder why? Perhaps because the US quite enjoys ruling over their people, and hasn't served them for decades?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Occupy Wall St. is Back - And World Leaders Are Taking Note

... or at least one.

Occupy Wall St. is back, and it seems like they may actually be starting to organize cohesively. A year later, it looks like they've taken their time in becoming more prepared, and this time if they declare what they're actually about (or can come to consensus on it) perhaps they'll actually have a shot at sticking around.

Even if nothing comes of it, at the very least they serve to highlight the wealth disparity between rich and poor, the decimation of the middle class, and the fraudulent and illegal activities of the world's biggest banks - and the world is taking notice.

Millions of people from around the world in hundreds of countries took part in Occupy protests - and many more had their interest peaked by it, even if not taking part directly. Many important people came out in support of them. This time, they've got someone important coming out to support them again - a world leader, in fact:

RBS Managers Said to Condone Manipulation of Libor Rates

A new article today from Bloomberg News:
Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc managers condoned and participated in the manipulation of global interest rates, indicating that wrongdoing extended beyond the four traders the bank has fired.

In an instant-message conversation in late 2007, Jezri Mohideen, then the bank’s head of yen products in Singapore, instructed colleagues in the U.K. to lower RBS’s submission to the London interbank offered rate that day, according to two people with knowledge of the discussion. No reason was given in the message as to why he wanted a lower figure. The rate-setter agreed, submitting the number Mohideen sought, the people said.

Mohideen wasn’t alone. RBS traders and their managers routinely sought to influence the firm’s Libor submissions between 2007 and 2010 to profit from derivatives bets, according to employees, regulators and lawyers interviewed by Bloomberg News. Traders also communicated with counterparts at other firms to discuss where rates should be set, one person said.

“This kind of activity was widespread in the industry,” said David Greene, a senior partner at law firm Edwin Coe LLP in London. “A lot of the traders didn’t consider this behavior to be wrong. They took it as the practice of the trade. This is how things operated, and it seemed harmless.”

Indignant Spanish Population Converges on Parliament

Spanish protesters - bolstering their numbers by the day as the situation in Spain deteriorates further - converged today on Spanish parliament. This particular clash took place just 100 meters from the Spanish congress building.

This makes me so happy to see.

The clashes will only become increasingly violent, and the riot police are vastly outnumbered. Indeed, some of their police brethren are amongst those protesting.

When cuts start to affect cops, it becomes even more dangerous for those police officers who manage to keep their jobs. If I were those riot cops I would take off my mask, put down my baton and join in the protests to help overthrow the government. It will happen anyways, and all they're doing is risking further injury.

Europe on the Brink of Bloody Revolution

The German edition of Der Spiegel opens the new week on Monday morning with a series of articles on the European situation, which make clear, as if that were still necessary, that Europe is still an absolute mess. You know, just in case you thought it was not. That Mario Draghi's latest unlimited whatever it is had somehow chased away the demons. 
First, Der Spiegel writes that the Greek deficit is twice as high as previously thought,, at €20 billion, according to a preliminary version of the long awaited troika report. The gap has to be closed for the next tranche of bailout money to be paid. 
Second, eurozone countries plan to let the ESM balloon to over €2 trillion ($2.6 trillion) . Remember that the German Constitutional Court limited Berlin's part to about €190 billion recently. Creative accounting to infinity and beyond. The efforts to keep the union together will blow it apart. 

Bloomberg Analysis of 60 Countries and their Gas Price Rankings

And people in North America thought we had it bad in terms of gas prices!

What we deal with in terms of gas prices pales in comparison to our friends in Europe. In North America anywhere between 20%-50% less than our European (and many Asian-Pacific) counterparts.

Canada comes in at #42 out of 60 countries on the most-expensive-gas rank, paying $5.46/gallon (
1.44US/litre - 1.40/litre CAD). One gallon is equal to 3.78541 litres. In terms of our "Pain at the Pump" ranking, we notch in at number 51/60. Gas prices here seem astronomically high compared to historic pricing per litre, but we aren't suffering nearly as much as much of the rest of the developed or developing world.
The Canadian government paid $2.19 billion to subsidize oil consumption in 2010. The average daily income is $141. The share of a day's wages needed to buy a gallon of gas is 3.9 percent.
The United States ranks #49 out of 60 countries (tied with Russia) on the most-expensive-gas rank, paying $3.75/gallon (That's $0.99 US per litre). Their pain at the pump rank is 55/60. They have it even better than Canada, as they pay less than half of what Europeans pay for gas.

QE3 Another Fed Give Away to the Banks - Fantastic Discussion Between and Michael Hudson

"PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay in Baltimore.

Ben Bernanke, the head of the Federal Reserve, announced a few days ago QE3, quantitative easing three, and now he says they're going to continue to buy assets, multibillion dollars of purchases, until the unemployment rate goes down. He was then followed by the European Central Bank and the central bank of Japan that are introducing their own monetary stimulus policies.

Now joining us to discuss how effective all this might be is Michael Hudson. Michael's a former Wall Street financial analyst and now a distinguished research professor of economics at the University of Missouri–Kansas City. And his latest book just out is The Bubble and Beyond. Thanks very much for joining us, Michael.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Stick It To Corruption, Greed, and Goldman Sachs


HUGE props to these guys for sticking it to corruption, greed, and Goldman Sachs!

'Pleb' row minister Andrew Mitchell blasted cops after posh curry sesh

The Chief Whip, accused of branding Downing St officers “f****** plebs,” tucked in at Westminster’s swanky Cinnamon Club.

The £50-a-head restaurant, a favourite of MPs and ministers, serves some of the poshest food in London.

A fellow diner said: “He didn’t seem to be having a frustrating day to me.”

A few hours later Mr Mitchell let rip at Downing Street officers when they refused to open the main gate so he could cycle through.

He was in a hurry because he was off to a meal with wealthy Tory donors at the Conservative Party’s private members’ club.

He was guest speaker at the Carlton Club in St James’s.

Mr Mitchell, 56, yesterday faced the TV cameras for the first time since The Sun revealed the scandal on Friday.
 Read more about the story here.

Allow me to clarify:

A "pleb" is a derogatory term used by the wealthy/elite historically to denote commoners, or people of lower classes than themselves.

It is derived from the word "plebeian". From Oxford dictionary's definition:

Chinese Firm Selling Gold Plated Tungsten - Asks Customers Not To Use Illegally

Yesterday news broke that at least 10 tungsten filled 10 oz PAMP gold bars have been discovered in Manhattan’s jewelry district.

Apparently Louis Vuitton & Coach bags aren’t the only thing being counter-fitted by the Chinese, as thanks to Microsoft translator, SD has discovered a Chinese firm SPECIALIZING IN PRODUCING TUNGSTEN FILLED GOLD BARS & COINS!!

Not only will the firm openly mint fake gold coins and bars, but they will apparently mint them to order by request!: ‘Chinatungsten could offer gold-plated tungsten alloy coin by different gold with engraving or stamping. Clients can forward their own design, then Chinatungsten could design and make mold accordingly

The firm states that the fake gold coins and bars are ‘only for gift, present, handicraft, and never could be used for any illegal purpose‘ .  Yes, obviously the fake gold products could never be used fraudulently because they kindly ask their customers not to use their tungsten filled gold products illegally.

Read more here

Venezuela Positioning Itself For The New Global Economy - Preserving Further Gold Reserves and Growing Ties To China

Something that involves a country very near and dear to my heart.

Good for Venezuela - even if they only get a portion, holding more gold in the long run (plus the copious amounts of oil they hold as well) will only serve to further prop up their budding economy.

Not to mention building stronger ties with what is clearly slated to be the next world superpower when the US empire falls.

China, Venezuela Agree to Develop One of World’s Largest Gold Mines

17 million ounces of gold is the equivalent of roughly $29.75 billion. Not too shabby, and that amount will only go higher as the price of gold continues to skyrocket! With the debts they have to China it's obvious why they opted to pursue a joint venture with the mining giant country: Pay down some debts with the only real money that exists right now. They're already paying off debts in oil - adding gold to the mix strengthens national holdings of both commodities.

The Troika Decimation of a Once Proud Nation - Hungary's Struggles and the Fight For Their Sovereignty

I've come across many articles recently about the plights of Hungary in dealing with the Troika and the ridiculous conditions imposed on ECB/IMF loans.

In response, Hungary has ousted the IMF, as well as Biotech giant Monsanto - genetically modified seeds are banned in Hungary - and continues to fight to maintain its sovereignty in the face of economic disaster and growing pressure from Western corporate interests to cede.

You can read more about the fight against the IMF and Monsanto here, but I'll touch on a few sections that I find rather intresting and thought-provoking:

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Something a bit different...

It's my beautiful and amazing wife's birthday, and I wrote a poem in her card that I figured I would post on here so as to immortalize the words - you know, just in case the card gets lost or misplaced (or thrown out) later on.


I love you so, I can't deny
Our love persists, the odds defies
You are my soul, you are my heart
'Till from this world my soul departs

And still, beyond, in the unknown
Transcending body, flesh and bone
Souls intertwined right from the start
After from this world my soul departs

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Apple, Why Do You Disappoint Me So?

The Truly Unbiased iPhone 5 Review & Samsung Galaxy Comparison

Here's a great iPhone 5 versus Samsung Galaxy (Note, in this case) comparison, as well as touching on the hype created by Apple to attempt to boost sales of a clearly inferior product - with most tech comparable to last year's Android phones.

iPhone 5 is the clear loser yet again from people who aren't simply Apple fanatics (or temps paid to stand outside in line) who worship their products as though they were omnipotent.

My only issue is iCloud access in switching to the Galaxy S III, as Apple's cloud service is the only one of all available cloud services that isn't cross-compatible - that is to say, one can only access it from Apple devices. Again, one must wonder if this is done purposely in order to stifle any dissenters that are dissatisfied with the dismal and dismaying display of a dreadful lack of ingenuity on the part of the deteriorating demigod that is Apple.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Pre-FOMC Announcement Drift... The Answers Lay at the End of A Labyrinth of Monetary Deceit

A fascinating and mystifying article popped up today on ZeroHedge. It is a chart that was released by the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and illustrates a perplexing phenomenon - dubbed "Pre-FOMC announcement drift" - that has existed since 1994, when the Federal Open Market Committee (herein referred to as FOMC - click the link to learn more) first began releasing statements immediately following the FOMC meetings, which occur 8 times a year.

What exactly is the conundrum that has me (and many other finance buffs) trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together? Well, according to the data released by the Fed, it would seem that the only real substantial gains in the equity markets (the S&P 500, specifically), propping the S&P up at its current level of over 1300 points, have come in the 24-period that preceeds the FOMC announcements.

This essentially means that the only reason the S&P 500 is at its current level is somehow due to the Fed and their virtual printing press.

Gee, thanks... bloat the system with excess money to devalue the currency, screw bondholders to scare them out of safe (albeit negative real yielding) investments so they are forced to invest in riskier (and doomed) equity markets, then watch the markets fail miserably, as the Fed has used its last round of ammunition in their absurd and blundering attempt at fixing the systemic crisis we face.

Interestingly enough, the S&P closed today at its lowest all week - and actually its lowest since (gasp!) last Thursday!

Here's the article in full (original link here):

A Compilation of ZeroHedge Articles - Everything from FOMC Madness to All-Time Gold Highs!

The "Big One" for the day: 

Chart Of The Year: The Fed Has Doubled The S&P Admits... The Fed - Follow-up post on this incoming!

Gold A Fistful Of Dollars Away From 2012 Highs - Not to mention...

Gold Hits All Time Highs In Euro, Swiss Franc And Brazilian Real

"Gold in USD is up 90% from the March 2009 equity lows and up 50-65% in the rest of the major fiat currencies."

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Anti-Islamic Propaganda - Nazi Germany ain't got nothin' on US

Anti-Islamic advertisements to hit NYC
Advertisement set to hit New York's subway next week

Reading this literally made me feel sick to my stomach. What kind of twisted world do we live in when trash like THIS is supported by the legal system. Just pathetic.

The more I look at it the more it is necessary to begin World War 3. That way at least someone will finally stand up to the scourge upon the human race that is the United States and their genocidal and hate-spewing Israeli buddies/masters. Instead of a war with bombs, it would be amazing if all other countries simply started placing sanctions on these two despicable entities to completely (further) cripple their economic and social infrastructures. They're already headed down the path to systemic collapse and revolution - why not hurry it up? After all, I'm not an advocate for violent war. There are more effective ways of achieving goals.

New GMO Study Demonstrates Drastic and Shocking Increases in Cancer Rates in Rats Fed GMO Corn

Would you continue eating non-organic and genetically modified foods if you knew that they were altering your biological composition to such a degree that they were slowly poisoning you and giving you cancer, heart issues, neurological issues, organ failure/dysfunction or various other forms of disease? I personally never would. This is why I stopped eating genetically modified foods (GMO crops) after doing research into the matter a few years back. I write this now in the hopes that after reading this you will reconsider your stance on the foods you eat and just how "healthy" they are, and in the hopes that you will come to understand the threat that biotech companies, lead by Monsanto, pose to our civilization.

I recently read about studies conducted on genetically-modified foods in regards to their health effects on rats. These studies indicated shockingly high correlations between consumption of genetically modified corn and the consequential consumption of the Roundup herbicide, widely used by farmers growing GMO crops. I also, a few days ago, saw the photos of rats with obscenely large tumours (featured below) that were making their rounds on my social network feeds. After seeing these, it further confirmed the truth that lies within all of the personal research I have done into genetically modified foods and their detrimental health effects on whatever biological organism consumes them. However, I wasn't inspired until today to actually craft a post in order to present the information to friends and family (and those extended-circles who read my blog). This is mostly because there is so much information that I wanted to be able to have something relatively short and sweet in order to present the initial facts to people in order to spark their own interest in the matter and have them research it further on their own.

Lab rats with numerous massive tumours caused by consumption of genetically-modified corn NK603

Monday, 17 September 2012

Death of the American Teenager

Here is a very interesting read from silvervigilante, titled "The Death of the American Teenager"

I was one of those teenagers in the 90s (well, OK, 2000s, but this is when it started) targeted ceaselessly by every marketing campaign under the sun. Some of them worked, but most of them didn't, and fortunately I grew out of caring about popular brands or what was "hot" pretty early on. So many people I knew simply didn't, and it speaks to the mentality of both consumers being bred to be consumers as well as the predatory mentality of advertisers and marketers worldwide.

Perhaps now, in the fact of the reality of what their greediness has brought them, teenagers will be a little less focused on what brands they wear or what artist is popular, and a little more focused on fiscal responsibility and setting up a path towards a productive and debt-free life - as well as understanding that material goods are nothing but distractions, and not at all necessary to live an incredibly happy life.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Silver and Gold... Worth So Much More Than We See

So, folks...

This will be the first of many multi-link posts I will be putting up over the next few days/weeks. I have talked to many of you over the past few months about the case for buying gold and silver.

Very bluntly, gold and silver are the best bets (in my somewhat-educated view) to hedge against inflation in any situation, and to also hedge against losing savings on the [paper] money markets or by keeping them in a bank account (where those savings technically becomes property of the bank, in light of recent precedents that have been set).

It so happens that in this economic climate they are also a phenomenal investment, particularly now. Silver, in particular, is set for a massive upswing in its price because (among a multitude of other compelling reasons) that market is being heavily manipulated by high-frequency trading (HFT) algorithms at the behest of the biggest banks in the world - with JP Morgan Chase leading the way, and HSBC not far behind. See here, here and here

United States of Incarceration

So essentially the private prison sector (in this case represented by Corrections Corporation of America) is pushing to have governments enter into agreements to maintain 90% incarceration rates in prisons that are privately owned and run, or they won't invest.

This is a blatant new example of the private sector stepping in and forcing the government's hand. Governments have such enormous debts that they can't afford to fix the overcrowded prison systems. Rather than turning to alternative methods of correction (such as getting doctors, psychiatrists and therapists more heavily involved, and promoting meditation and internal focus and reflection, just to name one example) they are instead turning to a private sector who is preying on the population.

Tell me, then: what will happen if they can't maintain 90% occupancy rates?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The End of the Financial Engineering Era

For my first post on here, I wanted to speak briefly about central banks and how they are destroying the currencies - through financial engineering. I wanted to discuss how financial engineering is not the solution; indeed, it is making the problem exponentially worse, and leading us down a road towards economic and social collapse. I also want to discuss how financial engineering is a bad thing, but the end result (societal collapse) may not be as bad as one would think.

Firstly, financial engineering has brought us to where we are today. It has happened throughout all of the 20th and 21st centuries, and dates much further back even than that. I don't want to go too in depth into what exactly it consists of - at least not today. I'll leave you to follow your own curiosity on that.