Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Can Romney Capitalize On The Chaotic State of Europe?

I am absolutely in love with this particular blog. The insight and depth of his monologuist articles/opinion pieces are absolutely inspiring, and right in keeping with my own particular world views. It's like he's expressing what I'm thinking before I even realize I'm thinking it...


"If I should venture a guess, I'd lean towards the idea that Romney and all his ├╝ber-rich "friends" (he doesn't strike me as a man with an overdose of real friends) are stuck inside their own paradox. To make him win, they need to cause or hasten an economic disaster. But that would cost them a lot of money, far more then they spend on the campaign. Big gamble. One which by now, 30-odd days before the election, they are undoubtedly aware of. And that can only mean that anything can happen. Only chaos is certain. Unless Mitt's been a set-up patsy boy from the get-go. Hey, at least that would explain Romney's non-campaign so far." 

Check out the full article here.

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