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Daily Reading Material Compilation 7.0

Hello again to all my friends, I'm glad you came to read.
If current events you seek,
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You'll open your eyes,
You'll laugh, you'll cry
And boggle at corporate greed 

US and Europe

The Problem With Centralisation 
Can't get enough of Azizonomics. Always insightful, and while I sometimes disagree, I can't get enough of the comments - and how interactive he is with readers. For the record, I agree with this particular article. Centralization is the enemy here. Also, the article that he quoted is worth a read as well - as are the books by the author. See his Black Swan theory here.

German Self-Immolates In Front Of Reichstag
Nobel peace prize my backside. Another form of protest by self-immolation (preceeded by the man stabbing himself in the chest before lighting up) comes not from the heart of crisis-stricken Greece or Spain, but rather from the Eurozone's most economically sound member - Germany

"A political motive of his act precluded the police. In the 32-year-old a suicide note was found. The reason for the suicide lies in the personal area, it said.
Shortly before the time of the crime around 500 supporters of wind energy lobby between the Chancellery and the Reichstag building had been demonstrating."
So I'm supposed to buy that a man self-immolated in front of the historic heart of German politics for reasons lying within the "personal area"? While I'm at it, I'll go grab some Facebook stock... I've got a good feeling about those guys!

Koch brothers threaten to fire employees if Obama wins 
Democracy at its finest. The title speaks for itself, folks. The oligarchs are drawing their lines in the sand.

U.S. Income Inequality: It's Worse Today Than It Was in 1774 
This is just shocking. Not surprising, but rather emotionally jarring. Income distribution today is worse than it was in 1774. This means that income distribution today has the top 1, 5 and 10% respectively controlling more wealth overall versus the lower classes during times of SLAVERY.And the sheeple still want to argue that we aren't debt slaves? Really?

Silver and Gold


17% of Brinks' total registered silver inventory was withdrawn Friday, Oct. 12, 2012. That is 3.6 million ounces of silver.
"There were two deposits on the same day.  456,057 ounces was deposited into the JP Morgan warehouse and 1,176,937 ounces went into the Scotia Mocatta vaults."
Their house of cards is coming down - and they're trying to cover their shorts. Oh, my. Hello $50/oz silver!

Physical Shortage? 169 Metric Tonnes of Silver Sent from US to London in ONE MONTH!! 
169 metric tonnes (that's 1000kg per metric tonne, for those who aren't aware) - meaning 5,900,000 oz (give or take) - were transferred to the UK in July of this year alone. The monthly average to the UK (and a few other countries) is roughly 30,000-35,000kg (30-35 metric tonnes) per month.
"...of the total 587 metric tonnes of silver bullion exported between Jan-July of 2012, 169 metric tonnes or 29% of the total silver exports took place in one month… and to one country…. U.K."
Gold And Silver Capped Until After U.S. Election?  
Update number one that I will post from GoldCore Blog. If you haven't added this blog to your reading list each time it is upgraded, I recommend doing so. It's always fantastic and paints a beautiful picture of the current trends and market environment for both Gold and Silver. As always, read the articles linked at the bottom of this blog entry for more insight.

Gold And Silver Fall On Open In Asia As October Correction Continues

Update number two from GoldCore, this one from yesterday (Oct 15, 2012). Gold and silver are both going through expected correctional periods before continuing their trends upwards in November and through next year. Buy the dip, folks! You'll kick yourself down the road if you don't!

Wynter Benton Group States Will Demonstrate Ability to Move Silver Beginning 10/16
The mysterious Wynter-Benton group - supposedly a group of ex-JPMorgan commodities traders out to take down Blythe Masters - claims they will be huge contributors in taking the price of silver to above $50/oz by Dec. 31, 2012, and that on Tuesday, October 16 they will demonstrate their ability to move the price of silver like no one would believe. We'll see if they deliver this time!

Precious relic - Gold remains popular, despite the doubts of economists 
I disagree somewhat with the sentiment expressed that "banks are shrinking their balance sheets". Not only are they expanding them consistently through free money given to them by the Fed which they are using to trade in the derivatives market, but this seems to completely disregard the half-on half-off balance sheet exposures the banks have, as well. Their balance sheets may seem to be shrinking in some ways as they move to delever themselves and stop lending, but behind the scenes the derivatives market is growing larger by the day. $1 quadrillion and counting.

Aside from that, a decent article about the sentiment behind gold. I'd like to see what this contributor has to say about silver.

Silver’s October Correction
A great look at the consolidation and correctionary period silver currently finds itself in during the month of October. This was not at all unexpected, and I'm personally using the drops to stack silver in looking forward to moves to the upside next month and into next year. Great breakdowns of silver and mention on its intrinsic value and increasing industrial demand.


IMF warns about Canadian housing market, debt levels

The IMF warns about the precarious state in which the Canadian housing market finds itself, as well as the incredible exposure Canadians have in terms of household debt levels.

People are quickly going to find out that when they say "We're not too bad in Canada" that's only because we're catching up to the rest of the world - particularly, the US. We find ourselves now in the same situation the US housing market was in in 2005-2006, just before the sub-prime market collapse and caused a spasm felt around the world - and led us to the global economic crisis we face today.

Canada Bank Bailout Cost $114 Billion At Peak, CCPA Says
For those who have no idea, I figured I would share this article. While it is quite old by now, I'm always shocked to hear that most people have no idea as to the fact that the Canadian government gave a stealth bailout to the big 5 banks. People think the Canadian banking system is relatively sound; however, if you investigate even slightly you find that they are just as leveraged as the US banks, if not more so.

Indeed, at the height of the economic crisis 3 of Canada's biggest banks - BMO, CIBC and Scotiabank - were completely underwater - that is to say, they still exist today only because of the discreet and barely-publicized bailout of the banks to the tune of $114 billion out of the pockets of the Canadian taxpayer. CIBC in particular received 1.5 times their market value - $20 billion. The government literally could have bought the bank outright, but instead decided to allow the banks to soak up billions in taxpayer money.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty stepping down 

Dalton McGuinty, premier of Ontario, resigns suddenly and unexpectedly. He would have lost the next election either way, so it would seem he's getting out while he's still ahead. OK, maybe not ahead... but before things deteriorate for his incompetent Liberal party further. See a transcript of the full speech here.


First, here's one about the astonishingly high levels of birth defects in Fallujah, Iraq and other areas where depleted uranium bullets were used during the Iraq war.
Yet another example of US psychological and environmental warfare and their gross human rights violations in exposing these people to excessive amounts of radiation.

Next up, a video from demonstrations in Italy.  

Boy, Europe sure deserved that Nobel Peace Prize, huh? They've really created a utopic and peaceful living situation in that country...

And here's a video of Angela Merkel being booed for 14 minutes straight while giving a speech in Stuttgart, Germany:
Here's the original link I found from zerohedge.

And for our last video I'll leave you with a wonderful little rap news video that came out a few days ago. No more comment on this, just watch and enjoy:

Finally, I'd like to cap off with something I posted on Facebook yesterday. See you next time around! Stay alert, stay safe, and above all stay positive!
"I don't particularly care about the usual. If you want to get an idea of a friend's temperament, ethics, and personal elegance, you need to look at him under the tests of severe circumstances, not under the regular rosy glow of daily life. Can you assess the danger a criminal poses by examining only what he does on an ordinary day? Can we understand health without considering wild diseases and epidemics? Indeed the normal is often irrelevant. Almost everything in social life is produced by rare but consequential shocks and jumps; all the while almost everything studied about social life focuses on the "normal," particularly with "bell curve" methods of inference that tell you close to nothing. Why? Because the bell curve ignores large deviations, cannot handle them, yet makes us confident that we have tamed uncertainty..."
-Nassim Nicholas Taleb

This. 1000 times this. The usual; the normal; the everyday is only the in-between. It is the inconsequential between sporadic spurts of wildly unpredictable and hugely consequential events. The moments that change the course of the "normal" are never foreseen, yet people look back on them and determine that, in hindsight, it was probable based on a number of factors that were previously overlooked. Yet, the only reason the factors were overlooked in the first place is because of the incredibly low probability (or complete lack of theoretical foresight) of the events occurring in everyday life.

Ahhhh... Meditation on this is just sublime.

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