Monday, 8 October 2012

Daily Reading Material Compilation 4.0

First, I'd like to give credit where credit is due. Without Max Keiser & Stacey Herbert, Tyler Durden, and Mark Obyrne I wouldn't be able to put these posts together. There are other sources I have, as well, but these three are where the bulk of the articles I actually decide to post come from. They do a fantastic job of compiling articles from around the web to share with their fans and I feel it my responsibility to share it with you, in turn.

Also, for those who are wondering - yes, I read pretty fast. Luckily - otherwise I'd spend all my free time reading this and have none left over for my lovely family.

Here's version 4.0:

A Jobs Report Conspiracy? - US jobs report claims 873,000 Americans found employment, dropping the unemployment rate from 8.1 to 7.8% according to the household survey data - in spite of the fact that the employers data only showed that 114,000 jobs were added in September. A discrepancy of about 759,000... Skeptical is a bit of an understatement for what I am on this data...

Another Phony Employment Report - Another article on the falsified and manipulated jobs report data

Calif. gas prices hit all-time high - California gas prices hit all time high - and here, they hit an new high still!

“It’s a Free. F***ing. Country.” Is it Really, Jamie Dimon? - An oh-so-comprehensive analysis of the evil deeds of JP Morgan Chase, and their scumbag psychopathic (or is it sociopathic?) CEO Jamie Dimon. Amazing read, and quite the large amount of detail to back up what he's saying.

Dear Mr. Dimon, Is Your Bank Getting Corporate Welfare? - An article from June 2012 detailing how JP Morgan Chase receives $14 billion a year of government subsidy. The taxpayers are paying the salaries at America's biggest bank.
"Lawmakers and regulators need to recognize just how costly business as usual will be. When Dimon pushes back against capital requirements or the Volcker rule, it’s worth remembering that he’s pushing for a form of corporate welfare that, left unchecked, could lead to a crisis too big for the government to contain."
JP Morgan: At Least $28 Billion in Losses Since “London Whale” - $28 billion. Ouch. People are wising up to the Morgue and their despicable dealings. Too bad they aren't yet wise enough to the political paradox of the candidates representing the exact same threat to the American people. Bipartisan politics are there to divide and conquer - and it appears to be working.

King Jamie Dimon: CEO “Larger Than Life..And He’s Starting to Believe It” - An incredibly comprehensive profile from the Silver Vigilante on none other than (who else?) Jamie Dimon. He presents both sides of the argument (while remaining his own personal bias against Jamie... and who can blame him?) and demonstrates how even through all of his blatant fraud, he's able to charm the pants off of people and make them believe in him. Isn't that always how the best con artists work?

I think Jamie actually believes the bile that comes out of his mouth when he talks about lack of culpability for any of the financial crisis. I don't think he believes he's committed any fraud - probably because he sees himself to be above regulations. A market-maker, so to speak - and in making a market, how can you do any wrong? You're writing the future chapters of market history, after all.

DIY B&B - This is just unbelievable. We are living in a fascist global society with governments killing all rights of private citizens as to what they do with their own property.

Polar opposites: Will Chavez worship beat Capriles promises? - A video on Hugo Chavez's probable victory in Venezuela, and what he has done for the country. Fantastic analysis by Pepe Escobar
EDIT: Yep, Chavez wins!

Spain Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To America - This is just dispicable. I'll link the video in this article at the end to close out my post... but this made both myself and my wife literally cry from the injustice. Viva la revolucion en EspaƱa y el resto del mundo tambien!

Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril - Yikes. Want to resell the things you've already purchased? You may no longer be able to in the US soon enough... A Second Circuit court already decided no. Now it's going to a higher court and oral arguments will be heard Oct. 29, 2012.

That's all for now. See you in the next round!

Please make sure you check out this video, too. I think it of vital importance for people to understand what's happening in our world - and now spilling over into the first world, as we see in Europe.

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