Friday, 21 September 2012

A Compilation of ZeroHedge Articles - Everything from FOMC Madness to All-Time Gold Highs!

The "Big One" for the day: 

Chart Of The Year: The Fed Has Doubled The S&P Admits... The Fed - Follow-up post on this incoming!

Gold A Fistful Of Dollars Away From 2012 Highs - Not to mention...

Gold Hits All Time Highs In Euro, Swiss Franc And Brazilian Real

"Gold in USD is up 90% from the March 2009 equity lows and up 50-65% in the rest of the major fiat currencies."

Bernanke Fails At Herding Cats Again As Market Simply Front-Runs The Fed... Again - Is anyone really surprised? Bye-bye long-term government bond yields, as the pool is further diluted by people still clinging to their paper lifejacket. Well, we all know what happens when paper gets wet...

US Credit Formation And Destruction Since The Second Great Depression - Deleveraging because of lack of confidence in the system, in my opinion, is a bit misleading... They want the system to collapse, so they're doing what they can to perpetuate the problems by deleveraging while refusing to lend.

$62.7 Trillion In Net Worth: Here Is The Latest US Household Balance Sheet - The banking world's got a shadow... and it's a big one.
"...of a total of $76.1 trillion in [stock market] assets, only $24.2 trillion are tangible: i.e., real estate and durable goods. The remainder, $51.9 trillion or 68.2% of total, is Financial assets. It is this number that is the sole target of Bernanke's "monetary policy" and which must be inflated at any and all cost."

Reality Strikes As Italy Slashes Economic Growth, Hikes Deficit Forecast -Yeep! Monti's a liar! BIG shock... Oh, sorry, did that sarcasm drip all over you?

According To The Knee-Jerk Market, South Africa Mines Silver - Hilarious! South Africa, you're now ranked.... wait, lolwut?

Gold And Silver Trump US Equities In Q3 And Year-To-Date - Quote below speaks volumes. Not to mention the S&P is dropping again, as well.
"On the quarter, Silver was the big winner (up ~26%) followed by Gold (up ~11%) both beating all the major US equity indices (though Europe beat Gold on the quarter)..."

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