Sunday, 30 September 2012

French Sovereignty Being Threatened Yet Again - Will The People Say "No" Again?

Here's a great article about the ratification of the Fiscal Union in French parliament. It is set to be ratified in less than a month (Oct. 2, 2012), yet there is intense opposition throughout the country to a treaty that would see the sovereignty of all signatories relinquished to an unelected bureaucratic authority - the European Central Bank and the European Commission, in this case.

One must also keep in mind that the French politicians - both sides, Sarkozites and Hollandeans alike - have openly spoken of their willingness to cede France's national sovereignty in favour of a more harmonious Eurozone. It would seem more like a captain going down with his ship than a move they really think will contribute to stabilization of the Euro and all its problems.

Let's ask Ireland how cedeing economic sovereignty (which is the same as cedeing national sovereignty, just painted with a slightly different brush) went. Let's ask Portugal, or Spain, or Greece, or Italy, for that matter. Things are going just swimmingly for them, aren't they? Well, at least for the bankers and politicians things are working out - even if they can't show their faces in the streets. And, after all... The decision makers make decisions based on what is best for themselves, not the lowly peasants who have been scapegoated for taking on more than they can handle - even though it was specifically engineered so that things would play out this way.

Why else would the technocrats and plutocrats have been able to take control of the situation so easily?

Let's hope the French step up to demand a referendum on the matter before it slips under the radar and they end up with the same fate as the PIIGS-ies. After all, they held the banksters and their technocrats at bay in 2005 in spite of overwhelming government support for the European Constitution. The people spoke and said a resounding "no" to ceding of national sovereignty. Let's hope they demand to be able to exercise their right to do it again, when there is much more at stake.

A French Rebellion Against Unelected Bureaucrats: “European Coup D’Etat And Rape Of Democracy”

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