Thursday, 27 September 2012

Max Keiser Speaks at Bitcoin 2012 - Phenomenal Overview of the Currency Wars

Max Keiser spoke last week at the Bitcoin 2012 conference in London and gave a fantastic overview of the current situation worldwide. He sums up beautifully the criminal acts that are being committed by Wall St. and exactly how they translate not into "victimless crimes", but rather what is shaping up to be a financial holocaust - with an estimated 100 million people thrown into poverty in the wake of the shady dealings of the financial sectors of the world.

Here's the full video of his speech at the conference:

The book he references in his lecture is called Currency Wars by Jim Rickards. I personally am halfway through and it is an engaging, riveting and enlightening book that helps give insight into commerce and the economy in the 21st century, as well as the reason for the tense geopolitical climate in which we live.

We're in the middle of a currency war between the major players in the currency markets, and as we see the war tactics accelerate in their implementations it is no coincidence that we also begin to see growing disparity between rich and poor (with no distinguishable "in-between" to be seen), and growing social unrest and political tensions between major players on the World Stage.

Max is the host of a program on RT News called The Keiser Report, as well as having a weekly radio show called The Truth About Markets. In Additon, he also hosts a program called On The Edge with Iran's PressTV. He has also made documentaries in regards to the financial crimes that are being committed by major banks across the globe, and started a crowd-funding website for independent filmmakers called - a website that solely uses BitCoins as its medium of donation.

If you want to hear more I suggest visiting It is a wealth of information on investment, the state of the markets as they are today, and on exposing financial and political corruption and tyranny, among many other valiant and freedom-promoting purposes. I highly recommend giving his website a few minutes of your time - it's worth it.

Here's the original link that I sourced this from:

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