Wednesday, 26 September 2012

US Representative Skips Out On Diplomacy At UN Meetings in NYC

Ahmadinejad talks peace & justice as US boycotts address
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for world leaders to serve their people, not rule over them during his speech before the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

In a surprise turn, Ahmadinejad’s speech took on an almost poetic bent evoking “the spring of humanity and the greenery of all ages.”

During his address, the word “peace” was used 12 times, “justice” 15 and “love” 13.
The US didn't even bother to attend the address... I wonder why? Perhaps because the US quite enjoys ruling over their people, and hasn't served them for decades?
They played on a sacred Jewish holiday for their reason for not attending - which, I might add, has nothing to do with anything except for the fact that the US references it. I'll also add that Zionists and Jews are not synonymous - unlike what the US/Israeli regimes would have you believe.
The US had called for a boycott of Ahmadinejad's address on Wednesday, accusing the Iranian President of spouting "paranoid theories and repulsive slurs against Israel."

"It’s particularly unfortunate that Mr. Ahmadinejad will have the platform of the UN General Assembly on Yom Kippur, which is why the United States has decided not to attend," a statement posted by Erin Pelton, the spokesperson for the US Mission to the United Nations, read.
This is clearly another attempt at demonizing a man who is making every effort to find diplomatic solutions to disagreements - in spite of unjustified sanctions on his country for merely attempting to procure nuclear energy for their infrastructure. If American contractors were the ones enriching uranium, do you think anyone would be up in arms (literally) about it?

Obama says there are still diplomatic options to pursue in regards to Iran, yet at a massive convening of diplomats from around the globe they refuse to listen to the leader of that country? Where, then, does hope for diplomatic communication and resolution of issues lay?

In my opinion, they most likely already have the strike plans prepared, and now they're waiting for either Iran to instigate, or for a US-created false flag in order to justify military force.

With all the rhetoric on Syria in recent weeks, I wouldn't be surprised if the United States officially intervened militarily in Syria without a UN resolution. Iran wouldn't take this lying down - indeed, they've stated they would defend their Syrian allies. The US could then justify military strikes on Iranian soil in order to "deter" intervention in Syria - bypassing the need for a false flag event altogether.

The amount of division on Syria, and specifically the stances of Russia and China (and their allied or indebted loan recipients) would exacerbate the already tense geopolitical situation we have today. More countries would begin entering the war on both sides, and voila! A new world war - just what the corporatocracy and shadow empire wants. Just look at the profits they reaped from the first two world wars.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: World War 3 is upon us.

Which side are you on? That of the global military/banking/corporate empire, or that for the freedom of humanity?

Rise up, people of Earth. Rise up against greed, corruption, and attacks on the freedom of our Human race. Otherwise, by the time you're ready, it might already be too late.

Full video of Ahmadinejad's speech:

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