Thursday, 20 September 2012

Anti-Islamic Propaganda - Nazi Germany ain't got nothin' on US

Anti-Islamic advertisements to hit NYC
Advertisement set to hit New York's subway next week

Reading this literally made me feel sick to my stomach. What kind of twisted world do we live in when trash like THIS is supported by the legal system. Just pathetic.

The more I look at it the more it is necessary to begin World War 3. That way at least someone will finally stand up to the scourge upon the human race that is the United States and their genocidal and hate-spewing Israeli buddies/masters. Instead of a war with bombs, it would be amazing if all other countries simply started placing sanctions on these two despicable entities to completely (further) cripple their economic and social infrastructures. They're already headed down the path to systemic collapse and revolution - why not hurry it up? After all, I'm not an advocate for violent war. There are more effective ways of achieving goals.

The unfortunate thing is that these countries would resort to military action and mass bombings in retaliation. There is no way to remain peaceful in the face of this, aside from attempting to strategically take out every single missile silo in the continental US and throughout Israel. It may be feasible in Israel, but there's absolutely no way that would happen in the US.

I feel sorry for the true Jewish people in Israel who are against all of this and have to deal with the stereotype of their country, its current Zionist regime and their American stooges being a disgusting black mark on humanity's existence, committing more atrocities than can even be counted at this point.

If you are this divisive with your language and proceed to publicize it attempting to recruit others to your hateful views then you simply need to be taken out or locked up - there is no hope for you ever being rational and tolerant of others who don't share your own ideologies. I can live with differences of opinion, but I can't live with hate-filled propagandist war mongers like the people who instigated this ad campaign.

Save Palestine, the ever-demonized Arab world, and indeed, save the innocent Israelis caught up in the mix as well. The current leaders of the US and Israel - and anyone jumping on the hate-spewing bandwagon - need to be brought to justice - badly. Who will step up?

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