Sunday, 23 September 2012

Something a bit different...

It's my beautiful and amazing wife's birthday, and I wrote a poem in her card that I figured I would post on here so as to immortalize the words - you know, just in case the card gets lost or misplaced (or thrown out) later on.


I love you so, I can't deny
Our love persists, the odds defies
You are my soul, you are my heart
'Till from this world my soul departs

And still, beyond, in the unknown
Transcending body, flesh and bone
Souls intertwined right from the start
After from this world my soul departs

Our spirits are conjoined as one,
Flowing through each other, long ago begun
The endless and undying spark
Out of this world, my soul departs

Existing here right on this plane
In this dimension you keep me sane
And in the next, as works of art
Our love persists as my soul departs

Your day of birth in this life is here,
Fortunate are we to be so near,
But we're always near within our hearts
No matter when our souls depart

In celebrating occasions more
I'll love you to my very core
I know on this journey I must embark
And love you 'till my soul departs

Sure as I know that my heart beats
Never will I admit defeat
No matter if the road seems dark
I'll be your light 'till souls depart

In times of health and times of sick,
Times good or bad, your soul I pick
If you forget it all, I will restart
And rekindle our love as our souls depart

So not to place any limitation
On the date of my love's expiration
The day I die, my soul departs
And rests safely in your beating heart

No matter who's the first to go
Our souls are mated, this I know
And be I first, or you your part
Together will our souls depart

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