Saturday, 22 September 2012

Apple, Why Do You Disappoint Me So?

The Truly Unbiased iPhone 5 Review & Samsung Galaxy Comparison

Here's a great iPhone 5 versus Samsung Galaxy (Note, in this case) comparison, as well as touching on the hype created by Apple to attempt to boost sales of a clearly inferior product - with most tech comparable to last year's Android phones.

iPhone 5 is the clear loser yet again from people who aren't simply Apple fanatics (or temps paid to stand outside in line) who worship their products as though they were omnipotent.

My only issue is iCloud access in switching to the Galaxy S III, as Apple's cloud service is the only one of all available cloud services that isn't cross-compatible - that is to say, one can only access it from Apple devices. Again, one must wonder if this is done purposely in order to stifle any dissenters that are dissatisfied with the dismal and dismaying display of a dreadful lack of ingenuity on the part of the deteriorating demigod that is Apple.

5 years ago apple was fair, competitive and innovative - and the phones were second-to-none. Now they simply attempt to drive sales through hype and media campaigns highlighting unoriginal and inferior features as though they were something to marvel at. The ONLY thing Apple has going for them is brand recognition. They are nothing without Steve Jobs, and even when he was alive the company had already began an unfortunate and disappointing deterioration into what they have now become.

Hell, they can't even compete with Android makers in sales at this point, so they simply resort to lawsuits and high-paid lawyers to attempt to stifle other companies' innovation (when Apple ripped off the original iPod and iPad concepts themselves - check the links, they're worth it), while at the same time inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) stifling their own by diverting time and resources to multi-billion-dollar lawsuits rather than tech innovation.

Frustrating and sad, as I was hoping the iPhone 5 release would give me a reason to stick with Apple as my phone. It would sure make cross-compatibility a lot easier - as I have my iPad and iMac. However, I'm happy to say that at least there is a superior alternative and I'm not left waiting in the wind. Thanks, Samsung!
A recent ad from Samsung

Update: Riots break Out at Foxconn Factory in China Another disappointment, Apple. You should have more ethical standards than this. Compensate your workers and don't treat them like slaves and you won't have riots on your hands. Get rid of Foxconn altogether, and choose suppliers who won't abuse basic human rights.

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