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New GMO Study Demonstrates Drastic and Shocking Increases in Cancer Rates in Rats Fed GMO Corn

Would you continue eating non-organic and genetically modified foods if you knew that they were altering your biological composition to such a degree that they were slowly poisoning you and giving you cancer, heart issues, neurological issues, organ failure/dysfunction or various other forms of disease? I personally never would. This is why I stopped eating genetically modified foods (GMO crops) after doing research into the matter a few years back. I write this now in the hopes that after reading this you will reconsider your stance on the foods you eat and just how "healthy" they are, and in the hopes that you will come to understand the threat that biotech companies, lead by Monsanto, pose to our civilization.

I recently read about studies conducted on genetically-modified foods in regards to their health effects on rats. These studies indicated shockingly high correlations between consumption of genetically modified corn and the consequential consumption of the Roundup herbicide, widely used by farmers growing GMO crops. I also, a few days ago, saw the photos of rats with obscenely large tumours (featured below) that were making their rounds on my social network feeds. After seeing these, it further confirmed the truth that lies within all of the personal research I have done into genetically modified foods and their detrimental health effects on whatever biological organism consumes them. However, I wasn't inspired until today to actually craft a post in order to present the information to friends and family (and those extended-circles who read my blog). This is mostly because there is so much information that I wanted to be able to have something relatively short and sweet in order to present the initial facts to people in order to spark their own interest in the matter and have them research it further on their own.

Lab rats with numerous massive tumours caused by consumption of genetically-modified corn NK603

What did spark my interest is a video linked by a good (and very conscious and aware) friend about this 2-year study on rats that were being fed genetically modified corn. For the link to the video, please see the end of this article. It summed up the information presented in the study in a brief and informative way. Among other things, it outlined that the 60-70% of rats that ate GMOs developed tumours, compared to 20-30% that didn't. Additionally, it demonstrated death rates rising independent of tumours - renal failure, heart problems, chemical imbalances leading to complications, etc.

Also a point of note is that the female rats had higher rates of mortality than their male counterparts. This would imply that genetically modified foods are wreaking even greater havoc on the systems of women who consume them, and at the very least could be a contributing factor to the rising rates of breast and other cancers amongst that section of the population. Indeed, those rates are rising for both males and females alike. Additionally, the most frequent occurrences of tumours were seen to affect the mammary glands of both male and female rats - again, with higher instances of mammary tumours being in female rats. The implications of this on breast cancer rates is one of the things that immediately jumps to my mind.

These studies are the first of their kind in the world - with the only other research into GMO's effects on health being done by the very companies that are creating the genetically-modified products. This is essentially the same as the "Big Pharma" drug companies who are the ones who do the research and studies to test the safety of their drugs - which get approved, kill people, and then (maybe) get pulled off the shelves with little to no repercussions for the companies that falsified the information. Indeed they literally get away with murder and are rewarded with higher profit margins and larger bonuses.

This is criminal and this is how they are attempting to kill off massive numbers of the population. There is much information out there on Monsanto, genetically modified organisms, agenda 21 and the purposeful extermination of millions (or billions) of human beings on this planet at the behest of a very powerful, very wealthy "elite" group of individuals. I'll try not to delve too much into these topics, as some may consider them 'conspiracy theories' - in spite of an overwhelming amount of evidence indicating they are anything but mere "theories" and are far closer to the actual reality that we're living. All I will say in regards to this is to  please take the time to check out some of the topics I just mentioned - google them and read information on them. It will shock you if you haven't already done the research.

We must remember that most GMOs are grown in the United States and Canada (among many other countries) and have been for over 15 years. Between 70-80% of the food on the shelves in the grocery store contain genetically modified ingredients. Additionally, pretty much every form of junk food imaginable (chips, pop, candy, non-whole-grain breads and pastas, sugary foods made with high fructose corn syrup or any of its derivatives) contains genetically modified ingredients, not to mention toxic, carcinogenic chemicals. Almost all cereals on the shelf are also made using GMO ingredients. This means that most of the foods we are told since childhood are part of a  "healthy" breakfast are really anything but; indeed, they are slowly killing us, while we continue to consume with no questions asked.

To see further statistics on GMO foods please see this page for more detailed information.

In addition to causing cancer, GMOs have also been linked to organ failure, neurological issues, heart disease, obesity, hormonal imbalances leading to a wide array of complications and effects on the body, and many more serious issues that I will leave you to discover on your own (I don't have the time right now, unfortunately, to dig up past articles I've read). This reason, among many others, is why I buy organic and wholesome food, and pay attention to what ingredients are in everything I am eating. This includes turning to google and researching any item on an ingredients list that I don't have prior knowledge of. I do this not only because I want to be informed to share information with others, but also because I care about my health and prolonging my life - which won't happen if I eat GMO foods.

However, the consumption of these under-studied and potentially lethal foods is only one portion of the whole issue behind genetically modified crops.

In addition to the health hazards, there are also environmental implications. These lie within the spreading of genetically modified seeds by wind currants as well as the spreading of able-to-be-sprayed GMO-associated herbicides and pesticides.

As well, there are intellectual property issues and ethical issues in terms of legal prosecution of farmers attempting to resist Monsanto's market monopolization. Farmers are essentially forced to purchase genetically modified seeds plagued with the "terminator gene" or, alternatively, to sign contracts pledging that they will not save the seeds from their harvest, nor will they sell or redistribute said seeds, which essentially preempts the need for implementing the terminator gene in their crops. There are issues of cross-contamination that Monsanto loves to capitalize on at the expense of small-time or mid-size farmers.

Seeds will cross pollinate and be blown into other farmers' fields that surround a Monsanto-subservient farmer's field. Then, these genetically modified seeds will begin to grow in the adjacent farmers' fields, which leaves them open to prosecution from Monsanto for supposed "theft" of intellectual property. Rather than paying the astronomical costs associated with litigation farmers are coerced into switching to Monsanto's brands of genetically modified seeds, thus increasing overall dependency on Monsanto (essentially creating a monopoly, as they have few competitors and none that have the resources or clout that Monsanto has) while simultaneously contaminating an ever-increasing number of food crop yielding farms and, subsequently, the food we consume.

There are also enormous implications for the drastically and rapidly-declining bee populations we are experiencing across the globe. Anywhere between 30%-90% (and potentially even higher) of bees maintained by beekeepers were reportedly dying off by the mid-to-late-2000s. Some beekeepers reported complete losses of all ability to pollinate and produce honey. This issue is still persisting today, and bees continue to die off as a result of consuming pollen and nectar from genetically modified crops. If it gets worse it could be a very little-known existential crisis, as without bees to pollinate our crops we are essentially up the creek without a paddle - or any means of having crops grow without further genetic modification and bastardization of plant species.

In most European countries the growing of genetically modified crops has been outlawed. In addition, there are also strict laws requiring labeling of any foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. One would assume that in North America we would be so progressive as to courteously and dutifully label foods that may pose a health risk based on genetic modification; however, this obviously doesn't happen. Instead, what we have is Monsanto lobbying government to pander and cater to their whims by changing regulations and giving them preferential treatment and legal bolstering to continue their oppressive and genocidal methods of food development, manipulation and cultivation. This particular study came out of France, and was the first independent study ever conducted into the effects of GMO corn. Surprising, considering this stuff has been approved for use for the better part of 2 decades without any independent testing or peer-reviewed science supporting the "safety" of these so-called foods.

There have been many well-organized attempts at passing reform to require labeling of GMO foods and to allow for independent testing of genetically modified products; however, this effort has been thwarted time and time again by the lobbyists who have billions of dollars at their disposal to buy their way out of any situation. We have known for years that the US congress (and their Canadian parliamentary counterparts) have been for sale to the highest bidder. It has become evident in every facet of the way our society is governed - favouring corporate interests over those of humanity. It has become common place for our governments to regulate and support what essentially constitutes crimes against humanity. In all attempts at advocating consumer rights over those of the corporations that produce the 'goods' (how 'good' are they, really?) North American governments and their corporate masters have consistently sided with the corporate agenda over taking a stance that would protect the rights of those whom they have sworn to govern and protect - the very people that put them where they are today by electing them.

One can only hope that in spite of the lobbying efforts and corrupt politics that are involved in this sinister square dance, this study will be a catalyst for - at the very least - measures to force labelling of GMO foods. Much more needs to be done in the long run to combat this assault on our environment and our bodies, but it needs to start somewhere.

There is no arguing that since genetically modified foods hit the markets we have seen marked increase in the rates of numerous diseases. It doesn't take a PhD. in science to at least hypothesize that what we're eating could be the problem. At the very least, transparent and independent analysis of the effects over short-term and long-term periods should be a given. Unfortunately, this isn't the world that we live in because we have allowed the corporations to buy our government and, in turn, buy the rights to our individual freedom and right to be informed.

Please see this 12-minute video to receive a brief overview of the study. I will also include the publication on September 19, 2012 in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology entitled Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize. It is worth noting that this particular study focused on NK603 Maize and the herbicide Roundup, which the corn is modified to be able to withstand. However, it also has implications for many other varieties of genetically modified crops, and at the very least provides a reason for further investigation into all other forms of GMOs.

Long Term Toxicity of Roundup Herbicide...

Do some research, and use the links I've provided you, as well as finding your own. Once you do this, analysis of your own diet and harsher scrutiny of the foods you consume will, I think, be a natural consequence of processing and comprehending the information presented here. And, as always, don't forget to comment if you have something to say on the subject - I welcome and revel in discussion!

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